The gem of Onyx-Brass Farms, this vintage of rust monster milk is made in small batches and magically preserved, ensuring the freshest flavor possible. OB Farms is one of the most expensive liquors in the world, created through very secretive means developed by the dwarf Alistyre Onyx-Brass. Alistyre caught his rust monsters wild and is one of the only farms in Findle to farm the wild breed of beasts. Generally a preserved bottle will cost over 300 gp and contain four servings.

This rust monster milk is designed to be enjoyed by hill dwarves specifically, but can be enjoyed by those with particularly strong palettes. Drinking a serving of Onyx-Brass Farms Rust Monster Milk requires the user to make a dc 15 constitution save or suffer disadvantage on all strength and charisma checks for one hour, letting out an audible "EUGGHH" and repeatedly spitting until they do so. On a successful save, the drinker gains advantage on constitution checks for the next hour and becomes infatuated with the drink, permanently believing it to be delicious, and will refuse to accept all opinions to the contrary. This does not actually effect the flavor, or the sour, briny smell that lingers for hours after use.