Order of the Ancients Emblem

The Serene Order of the Ancients

This knightly order is dedicated to serving the Old Faiths. Prominently made of individuals and hermits, this order works to promote a balance of natural forces and often works with the Empyrean Heirophants to protect holy sites from encroaching civilization. Their symbol is the pentacle.

The Order of the Ancients does not have a centralized headquarters, but gather seasonally at standing stone circles throughout Ord. The order works to undermine the machinations of outsiders and some fey whom they view as corruptions of the natural order. This makes them uneasy allies with the Blackhorn Rangers in Ishtar as the Blackhorns were founded by Quixote and venerate Mab the dreambringer.

The Serene Order is especially numerous in the Hul and Morat Ras. Although they were mostly replaced by the hierophants in Findle, there are a number of enclaves in Southwestern Thessan.

The Order of the Ancients has a high number of giant members. Stone giants occasionally leave their cavernous homes, taking refuge in the deep forests of Ord. They become ancient and wise defenders of their woodland homes, growing great beards and manes of moss and ivy.

Knight Ancients