Pacha Kamaq
Basic Information
Aliases The Fjellraizad Corpse
Home Fjellraizad
Former home(s) Unknown
Gender Male
Race Half-Titan Giant
Class Unknown
Patron Lyttan
Date of birth Unknown
Date of death Some time in the 3rd age
Age Unknown
Level Unknown
Alignment Unknown
Favorite item Unknown
Pacha Kamaq is the brooding half-giant son of the Empyrean Cernunnun. In the second age, Pacha witnessed the madness of his sister Lyttan. He was deeply troubled by the reactions of the other titans and vowed to unmake all that they have created. It took him ages, but he located a flaw in the titan's creation. Pacha began to manipulate several natural springs, in an effort to flood the world. He was only stopped by a youthful hero who stole a magical substance called Xirang from the giant and used it to block up the 233,559 springs creating a large mountain range in the process. Some accounts state that Pacha Kamaq was killed when he ate the hero's pet tortoise carrying the jar of xirang.

His spirit lingered in the mountains for centuries, gathering his strength to continue his work. His ghost was eventually trapped in the 6 Demon Bag by an unknown hero or group.