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Basic Information
Aliases Parum Umviridi (as half-elf)
Home Meles
Former home(s) Umbreal Plane
Gender Male
Race Shadow Dragon (Green)
Class Unknown
Patron Unknown
Date of birth 3 IV
Date of death 157 IV
Age 154
Level Unknown
Alignment Lawful Evil
Favorite item Unknown

Parumbriaviridix was an adolescent Green Shadow Dragon and grandson of Brontnalgus the Mephitic and son of Umbriaviridix who accompanied Terron Blackwell. He was killed attempting to stall the party to allow Terron to finish the shadowpool ritual in Session 7.

He traveled in the guise of a young half elf, serving Terron Blackwell as a squire.

His name in draconic meant "younger verdent shadow"