Perians or Crimbury halflings are the most common type of halflings seen in the regions near Findle, in large part due to their infamous wanderlust, which sets them apart from the relatively sedentary Fernhollow halflings. Crimbury halflings are most comfortable living alongside other cultures, even adopting their cultural practices, right down to their deities.

A typical Crimbury halfling stands around four feet tall and weighs around 80 pounds. Their skin colors range from light pink to slightly reddish or bronze, and their hair color is typically auburn, brown or black. Males usually wear their hair short on the sides, often with a mullet or bowl cut. Facial hair among males is rare except for extremely old halflings. Females rarely allow their hair to grow beyond shoulder length. When not adventuring or entertaining others, halflings prefer simple, well-made clothes that are comfortable to wear yet look attractive.

Perian officials are deeply skeptical of the existance of Jerrens, often going to great lengths to explain that these are simply lone cases of mad individuals. Perians are horrified at the thought that such creatures could be among them.

Perian are known to ride large dogs or Kender Hares.


As a Perian halfling, you can easily hide from notice, even using other people as cover. You’re inclined to be affable and get along well with others.

Ability Score Increase: Your Charisma score increases by 1.

Naturally Stealthy: You can attempt to hide when you are obscured only by a creature that is at least one size larger than you.