Peter Valarious
Basic Information
Aliases Knight of the North Wind

Pikeman Pete

Home Bahamut's Palace, Celestia
Former home(s) Kingdom of Aerdy, Oerth. (Greyhawk Campaign Setting)
Gender Male
Race Human
Class Fighter, Vassal of Bahamut, Blade Dancer
Patron Bahamut (Greyhawk)
Date of birth Unknown
Date of death Unknown
Age 47 (Natural death)

33 (Revived)

Level Epic
Alignment Lawful Good
Favorite item Unknown
Peter Valarious was a hero from the world of Oerth (Greyhawk campaign setting) who accompanied the Gem Gnome Chimi Chagna on his quest to cleanse the sphere of demonic and aberrant forces, stemming from the events connected to the Second War of Wings. The events of their adventure were known to history through Chimi Chagna's novel Legend's Fall.


Peter Valarious was once a lowly pikeman serving in the militia of a visionary commander in what would eventually become the Kingdom of Aerdy. After dozens of successful campaigns, the pikeman rose through the ranks to become a commander of legions and only left service to serve a greater power. Peter was the chosen mortal vassal of the Oerthian Deity Bahamut. He and his companion, Cals Wingren, were part of a group of adventurers tasked with defeating Tiamats forces, as well as the sorcerous villain known only as Red Mask.

Decades of fighting took their toll on Peter, who's physical abilities began to deteriorate. This gave Red Mask the upper hand. Peter was slain in combat, falling at the side of his friend Cals, who managed to eventually defeat Red Mask himself. Cals took up the mantle of Red Mask, mimicking his appearance and using his visage to cow evil for decades to come.

Nearly a millenium later, Peter was revived, with the sole purpose of defeating evil once again.


Augmenting Peter's exceptional physical abilities is the blessing of the North Wind that grants him superhuman athletic prowess and a running speed that exceeds 120KPH. His vertical and horizontal leaping ability vastly overshadow any creature of the natural world and his fighting style harnesses the momentum that is produced by intense velocities to strike unimaginable aerial blows against his foes.