Phellellipsillo, Home of the Myconids
Basic Information
Aliases Unknown
Pantheon Unknown
Home Phellellipsillo's Cavern
Former home(s) Unknown
Gender None
Race Mushroom
Class Druid
Portfolio Living, Symbiosis
Primary Cleric Domain Unknown
Secondary Cleric Domains Unknown
Holy symbol None
Date of birth Unknown
Date of accension Unknown
Date of death Unknown

Level Unknown
Alignment True Neutral
Favorite item Unknown
Phellellipsillo is the name given to the titanic living fungal colony housed within the world cavern and underground throughout the world of Ord. Myconids in colonies as far as Danasia can communicate directly with the great fungus. It it intensely intelligent and communicates by means of spores, similar to its myconid offspring. It is the patron, creator and home of the myconids, who have built the great living city of Phellellipsidia out of its living body.

Phellellipsillo is a benevolent power who taught the first myconids the secrets of potion-making through direct revelation. He is often depicted as a type of fungal world-tree, his mycelia reaching down through the planes. His only concerns are the protection of the myconid race and the pursuit of perfection through meditation. Like his people, his preference is always pacifism whenever possible.

Phellellipsillo's ultimate fear is that it will be consumed by the being known as Jilin. As a result, the great fungus has made peaceful contact with surface creatures who present themselves as enemies of the Vashar.

Phellellipsillo's existence is so prevelent to myconid society that they do not use names of symbols when reffering to it. Surface races occasionally use a white mushroom on a black plane to represent both the creature and the city.