Basic Information
Aliases Unknown
Home Chandrak Hall, Redguard, Thessan
Former home(s) Unknown
Gender Unknown
Race Devil
Class Sorcerer
Patron Ashmedai
Date of birth Unknown
Date of death Unknown
Age Unknown
Level Unknown
Alignment Lawful Evil
Favorite item Unknown

Pholrex is a high ranking Devil and patron of House Felspark's warlocks. Despite Thessan's agreement with Ashmedai, Pholrex openly deals power to the Noble House Felspark. He has been with the family since its inception and often takes the form of an emerald green peacock-like bird, often lounging around the gardens. He never leaves Chandrak Hall and is thought to be bound to the land, unable to leave until he has brokered enough power to Felspark Warlocks.

Pholrex is not powerful enough to grant divine domains and does not have clerics or worshipers. He caters exclusively to warlocks and occasionally, assists young sorcerers.