Basic Information
Aliases Unknown
Home Unknown
Former home(s) The City of the Holy Dragon
Gender None
Race Ooze
Class Unknown
Patron Unknown
Date of birth Unknown
Date of death Unknown
Age Unknown
Level Unknown
Alignment Unknown
Favorite item Unknown

Plort was a small and unusual Philosopher's Ooze found in the City of the Holy Dragon. Unlike other oozes, he seemed quite passive and agreeable. He was capable of quickly dissolving various metals, although he preferred to exclusively feed on gold and emitted a sweet violet syrup as waste. Over the centuries, he consumed much of Yongmunguwan's treasure. He was discovered when Finellen accidentally crushed the jar he was currently living in. He went on to be adopted by Jin and became a questionably valuable member of the adventuring group.

For reasons not quite understood, Plort could read and understand Draconic.

Plort can exercise a relatively high level of control concerning its appetite and does not automatically deal acid damage to substances it touches. Plort can be safely handled by those who it sees as friends and allies, often curling around the neck of Jin or Irome.