Forest gnomes also known as spriggans in Thessan or poréwidds to other gnomes, are rare and saddening creatures. Enigmatic beings, Poréwidds live deep in forests, swamps or otherwise unwanted spaces at the edge of civilization. These gnomes are virtually indistinguishable from other gnomes, but tend to be much too shy to be included in such societies. Many scholars believe that forest gnomes are not a separate race unto themselves, but a title given by other gnomes to the rare cases when one's eccentric nature overtakes them and force one to reject their society. To most rock gnomes, poréwidds are viewed as diseased hermits, and treated with all the same pity that a human would treat a madman. Forest gnomes call no place home and rarely tolerate the presence of other humanoids. Many other humanoids believe them to be disturbed as forest gnomes appear to wince at the sound of spoken languages and do not like to be touched.

Despite their apprehension to other people, forest gnomes are rarely evil, guiding lost travelers and befriending small animals or, in some rare cases, human children. Forest gnomes excel at illusion magics and do their best to go unnoticed by other people.

Poréwidd's are most commonly found in Morat Ras, drawn to the vast expanses of wilderness.