Wingar is the oldest city in Findle , having been founded by the Wingar family hundreds of years before the kingdom was unified. Wingar is a massive port city striped with canals. The city is the primary port city of Findle and trades with countries all over the region from Hul to Thessan .

Wingar is the home city for many Noble families including the Wingar and Blackwell families. The city is also the home of the Knights Hospitaller , a knightly order dedicated to protecting travelers and healing the sick and injured.

The city is famous for it's production of ships and dragon powder weapons. Many popular tradesmen such as Imzaeras Keniryn call this city their home. The city has also housed adventurers such as Craxx Kogaine and Jodando Legault.

Wingar has a unique tradition of charismatic individuals greeting travelers and making foreign individuals feel at home. These individuals are known as Winger Greeters and are especially cherished by the locals.