Wynnstan Jarodson
Basic Information
Aliases Prince Wynnstan
Home Shra


Former home(s) Hopelight


Gender Male
Race Undead Human (Findleite)
Class Rogue
Patron Frey
Date of birth 4 V
Date of death 23 V
Age 19 Mortal

134 Undead

Level 6
Alignment Neutral
Favorite item Unknown

The second youngest son of King Jarod of Narrock, prince Wynnstan Jarodson was the most clever and tricky of his siblings. At the suggestion of a cloaked man, he took a small number of followers into Shra, an ancient tengu city haunted by the spirits of the former inhabitants. His target was a gilded scroll said to lay at the bottom of a black-water pond in the city. he retrieved it, but at a cost. Many of his closest friends and followers were dragged into the mirror still black water by the spirits of the feathered ones. The scroll would grant Wynnstan influence over the spirits of the city. Unfortunately his grasp on the ancient language was tenuous. He gained little influence over the spirits. Instead he became one of them. The city of Shras secrets and treasures have never been recovered and Wynnstan's human form wanders the spires with only the feathered ones for company.