Quarion Winterhand
Basic Information
Aliases The Hand of Thrym

Son of the Winter Plague

Pantheon Hero-Deity
Home The 6 Demon Bag
Former home(s) Morat Ras (Thrym)
Gender Male
Race Silver Elf
Class Paladin


Portfolio Cold, Darkness, Disease, Famine, Winter
Primary Cleric Domain Unknown
Secondary Cleric Domains Unknown
Holy symbol None
Date of birth Unknown
Date of accension Unknown
Date of death Unknown

Level Unknown
Alignment Neutral Evil
Favorite item Unknown
Quarion was born some time in the Age of Dragons. The only known full blooded Silver Elf to survive into the later ages, Quarion wreaked havoc in his homeland, leaving entire battlefields and army's frozen solid in his wake. His travels took him beyond the lands of elves and into the lands of Thrym where he became intimately antiquated with the frost giant jarls of that region. His overwhelming power made him a living god in his time and in his attempt to stretch his influence to the island nation of Danasia, he fell to the strength of the first Dan and was imprisoned in the 6 Demon Bag.

Quarion was released by Yan the thief in 158 V and began his quest to exterminate all life on Ord anew, starting with the city of Mungu in Danasia.

Almost immediately after his release, he began an intense ritual causing a blizzard over the city of Mungu which threatened to freeze the entire population. He was returned to the bag by the combined effort of the party and soldiers from the Infinite Suns.

Quarion was the host for the Spark of Hate and lives every moment in an effort to smother all life from the globe.

He escaped the bag only days after his capture by the party. Again, their strength combined with the power of the Infinite Suns finally slew the fatigued demi-god. The Spark of Hate was then thrust upon the unconscious Infinite Suns warrior, Bhii Lar'aza-Karashain and he was imprisoned in the bag in Quarion's place.