Basic Information
Aliases The Blackhorn
Home Concordant Opposition
Former home(s) Forest of Ishtar
Gender Male
Race Satyr
Class Ranger
Patron Mab
Date of birth Unknown
Date of death Yet to be seen
Age Unknown
Level High
Alignment True Neutral
Favorite item Unknown

Quixote was a satyr living in the Forest of Ishtar. Infuriated by an orc lumberjack who stole his pipes, he persued him, later meeting up with Jodando Legault, Arundel Shay, and St. Reluse.

He joined the group in an adventure to fight back the cult of Azogun and prevent their Coup d'etat of Findle. Afterwards, retiring back to the Forest of Ishtar with his half fey children, including Rixom the archdruid of Ishtar.

His prodegy, the Blackhorn Rangers, eventually outlasted their welcome in Arundel Shay's realm. Arundel, now the Steward of Findle, declared all Blackhorns to be nothing more than bandits.

Their rivalry lead to multiple skirmishes, but no decided victory. Each of them mastered fighting styles and dealt with powerful beings in a bid to outmaneuver each other.

Quixote assisted his son Rixom when the later's party inadvertently damaged the material plane.

When Arundel stepped down as steward, the two old friends left the material plane with Geshran and Parun, the god of debauchary.