Riddil Halfelven
Basic Information
Aliases Unknown
Home Wynstport, Thessan
Former home(s) Male
Gender Unknown
Race Half-elf

1/2 Human, Thessan 1/2 Gold elf

Class Wizard
Patron Ogham
Date of birth Unknown
Date of death Unknown
Age Unknown
Level 2
Alignment Lawful Good
Favorite item Unknown

Riddil was a half elven wizard and companion of Aust Liadon during the events of the Elfslayer campaign. He, Aust and Nawen Jadie met while defeating a doppelganger who had been plaguing an elven village just outside Fairport.

Their adventures eventually brought them into conflict with a clad of Dark Elves. Riddle survived the encounter but was forever changed, fascinated with the dark elves and the World Cavern energies, he began to study them in depth. When he passed, his knowlege was trusted to his son and apprentice, Ripwald who later built a great stone tower south of Yurturs Cauldrun, founding a small wizard school and attempting hundreds of experiments with World Cavern energy.

Centuries later, the tower ruin would be explored by the Unsung Heroes, who would use the "gravity well," a type of powered elevator to gain access to the World Cavern. The tower was later refurbished and renamed Tower Hoc by Jod Shay. In the 5th age, a small farming community had developed around the Tower, trading surface goods with the denizens of the subterranean realms.