The Ring of Ahavar Del was a powerful cursed item, also known as the Seekers Ring, or London's Ring. The item was created by the diviners of Mith'taern early in the fourth age but has changed hands hundreds of times over the centuries. Much of its history remains a mystery. The ring was initially created for a simple purpose by the stoic Grey Elves, but the nature of its enchantment led to severely adverse effects in the hands of weaker willed people.

The ring is a powerful boon to adventurers. While wearing it, you unerringly know the direction of your hearts desire. The ring is cursed however as anyone weak of will who attempts to wear the ring experiences bouts of madness and is forced to hurry towards the direction the ring indicates. This madness can not be cured while the ring is worn and those effected, often ignore their own exhaustion and literally run themselves to death.

A side effect of the rings divination is that it attracts creatures with supernatural senses such as minotaurs who are often violent towards the wielder.

After being lost for years, the ring was discovered in the fourth age in the possession of a minotaur. Jodando Legault and party were hired by a blue cowled man to retrieve the ring. They slew the minotaur but experienced significant losses themselves. The ring was then traded to the cultist of Vis.

The ring then reappeared 400 years later, having been mailed from London Bucklebough to Liyal Shu's father. Unfortunately Liyal's will was not strong enough to avoid the allure of her hearts greatest desire. The ring was later recovered by her party, having been stolen from Liyal by a Kenku in Sunnuth.

The ring was last seen in the pocket of the dwarven druid Alistyre Onyx-Brass