Ripwald Riddilson
Basic Information
Aliases Archmage Ripwald
Home Ripwald's Tower (Tower HOC)
Former home(s) Kindleshire
Gender Male
Race Thessan Human (1/4 Gold Elf)
Class Wizard


Patron Unknown
Date of birth Unknown
Date of death Unknown
Age Unknown
Level Unknown
Alignment Unknown
Favorite item Unknown
Archmage Ripwald Riddilson was the son of Riddil Halfelven and an archmage of Thessan. His specialization in the school of transmutation granted him access to many abilities that the Thessan schools of Arcana deemed to be unnatural. After being exiled over a disagreement with the rest of the council over the use of Worldcavern energies, Ripwald traveled South into the unclaimed land between Yod and the Ibyth Imperium and built a great stone tower on the shores of Yurturs Cauldrun, founding a small wizard academy and attempting hundreds of experiments with World Cavern energy.

After centuries, his body was discovered in the Gravity well by the Unsung Heroes. His apparent dealings with the drow cult of Valotha ending in his demise.

His tower was eventually re-purposed, renamed Tower Hoc and made into an estate for the retired adventurer Jod Shay and his family.