Rodent Sky
Basic Information
Aliases Nameless slave



Home Traveller
Former home(s) Kaseraksa
Gender Female
Race Human, Kaseraksan
Class Rogue
Patron Ravana
Date of birth 144V
Date of death Unknown
Age 14
Level 3
Alignment Chaotic Neutral
Favorite item Unknown
In 158 V, adventurers from Danasia were trapped in Kaseraksa, city in a bottle, by the demon Ravana. There they encountered a slave called Rodent. Not wanting to call her by that name, one of the adventurers, Irome, began to call her Sky. She guided them through the city, finding them a safe place to rest without being harassed by the tieflings and rakshasa. She eventually accompanied them out of the city, although she questions whether or not that was a wise decision.

Rodent Sky is a surprisingly sharp minded 14 year old human girl. As expected of a person being raised in a society that views her kind as little more than cattle, she is very cynical and can come across as callous and uncaring to those who do not take the time to know her better.

Rodent Sky is a member of a small cult-like organization of humans within Kaseraksa who sought to escape the suffering of their caste by swearing themselves to the lich (name of lich) and succumbing to undeath. With the arrival of adventurers and the theft of Kaseraksa's bottle, she has been given a new lease on life and hopes to free all of her people from the gilded shackles of the rakshasa lords.

To keep her safe while the party work to thwart Ravana's plans, she was left under the care of Shibowei and now works in the Jade Lady boarding house.