Roric Holt
Basic Information
Aliases Prince Holt
Home Findle City
Former home(s) Greenville
Gender Male
Race Aasimar
Class Cleric
Patron Nuadun
Date of birth 161 V
Date of death Unknown
Age 17
Level 5
Alignment Lawful Good
Favorite item Unknown

Roric Holt is the son of Prince Averardus Holt and great grandson of King Pahlin Holt of Findle. As a young man, Roric was passive and timid, bullied by his twin sister Lilliana. When his father and grandfather died in battle during the Year of Misfortune, his great Grandfather, Pahlin became king once again. Upon the death of Pahlin Holt, the kingship would fall to either Roric or his sister Lilliana. Each are backed by separate noble families and waiting for the other to secede the royal inheritance.

Roric is a timid boy, weak willed and easily influenced by his companions. Rarely is he ever seen without his advisers.