The Onyx-Brass Farms are no place for metal armor. Designed by the druid Alistyre Onyx-Brass, this armor is made of heavy leathers and rust monster chitin, using no metal at all. The armor provides great defense against the spurs and rusting effect of the rust monsters, but is not comparable to metal armor in most other situations.

Rust monster mail is a type of Chitin half-plate. Rust monster mail has the fragile armor quality.

Fragile Armor

Armor with the fragile property falls apart when hit with heavy blows. If you are wearing fragile armor and are hit with a critical hit, you must make a DC(10) Dexterity (Acrobatics) save or the armor is damaged and the AC bonus it provides is halved. If already damaged, the armor is destroyed instead.

Medium Armor Cost AC Strength Stealth Weight
Rust Monster Mail 1000 14 + Dex modifier (max 3) - Disadvantage 20lbs