RM Milk

"It tastes like any copper piece you'd find at the docks, but rich folk keep demanding it." - Grikson Kogaine

Rust Monster Milk is the name of a potent drink created by the brew masters of the Golden Troll alehouse. The drink is made from crushed mollusks and stirred for a length of time with a fresh rust monster antenna. The intense effect of the rust monster antenna turns the copper rich mollusk blood a vivid blue, and causes it to froth wildly.

It is... an acquired taste which can leave the drinker feeling a bit anemic.

Rust Monster Milk is considered a delicacy in Findle and Eastern Thessan. A single cup of the drink costs upwards of 3 gp while a gentle reposed bottle of a vintage created from certain lineages of rust monsters can be priceless.

Rust monster milk is one of many uses that Findle has for rust monsters resulting in the domestication and widespread farming of the beasts.