Basic Information
Aliases Xeraxis the Red
Home Traveller
Former home(s) Hob'Guldun
Gender Male
Race Ibyth Hobgoblin

Half dragon (Bronze) after reincarnation Copper elf after reincarnation

Class Mystic
Patron The Daern
Date of birth 95 V, (Reincarnated 158 V)
Date of death 158 V
Age 63
Level 10
Alignment Lawful Neutral
Favorite item Unknown
Saargon, also known as Xeraxis the Red before his death and reincarnation, was the scion of the Crimson Cloak and acolyte of the Daern in the second century of the fifth age. He was murdered in 158 by Funiku Dorobo while competing in Ishkron Astron. He would later be reincarnated as a half-dragon and later as a copper elf by Alistyre of Blackwell's Crew. Feeling he owes them a tremendous debt, he vows to join them in working to foil the sinister lich's plan.

Xeraxis the Red may be related to another Crimson Cloak hobgoblin, Klekopatros the Red who was killed by the party in the Wingar Library although he speaks very little about his former life as goblin-kin, instead insisting that he focus on the task at hand along with his new life as an elf.


Saargon as a half-dragon