Basic Information
Aliases St. Geshran the Temperate
Home Radith
Former home(s) Herat Isle
Gender Unknown
Race Human
Class Cleric / Sorcerer
Patron Morrigan
Date of birth 290 IV
Date of death 353 IV
Age 63
Level High
Alignment Lawful Neutral
Favorite item Unknown

St. Geshran was a mystic theurge of Morrigan who achieved fame in the Helmstadt Vally at the end of the third age. Originally born on Herat, he spent years in Thessan, Helmstadt and Findle. He was a close personal friend of Jodando Legault, whom he rescued from a dungeon in a thieves guild, Bishop Erin Greenwood and Arco Vonovich.

While liberating Jodando Legault from a thieves hideout, he discovered a Stone Lake Vipers platinum cache and claimed it as his own. His immense wealth allowed him to became sheriff and later, governor of Old Illden, eventually retiring to his land holdings in eastern Findle.

He was eventually entombed in the ruin of Radith, an ancient shrine to Morrigan.

Geshran was always accompanied by his black bear, Gustav.