This cursed ring was first seen in the fourth age, when a party of adventurers, including Jodando Legault, retrieved it from a minotaur. Jodando later sold it over to an anonymous blue-cowled mage in exchange for several hundred gold pieces.

In the 5th age the "seeker's ring" was a name given by the halfling London Bucklebough to a mysterious ring recovered from the body of a minotaur. After London's death, the ring was sent to his trusted allies and eventually was lost when the rings obsession curse effected a young woman named Liyal Shu. The seeker's ring was not seen for many months, before it was discovered again by the party in who purchased it from a kenku pickpocket. Liyal Shu was never seen again.

The ring seems simple at first, made from gold, with a single smooth-polished sapphire and bearing two agonized faces.

Find the Path

The wearer of the Seeker's Ring is under the permanent Find the Path effect, with the end result being what their heart truly desires most.


The ring unerringly points the wearer in the direction of their hearts desire, but also fills that person with an insane desire to move in that direction. Any person who wears the ring must make a DC 10 Wisdom saving throw to avoid the compulsion to ignore all distractions and travel towards the object of the Find the Path effect. This DC increases by 1 each hour the ring is worn.

For some unknown reason, the ring has the same effect on minotaurs and unerringly directs them, from a radius equal to the distance the wearer is from the object of the Find the Path effect, to the wearer.