Seraphim are the first of Eo's creations. In all there were six seraphim created, the most notable being Cerlendriel, the lord of time and Ashmedai, lord of infernus.

The seraphim were created by Eo as servants and in turn are the creators of solars and lesser angels. Some stories even suggest that the seraphim created mankind in their own image.

Seraphim are the most powerful of all the angels. A Seraphim has a very similar form to a solar, however, seraphim can be easily identified by their humanlike skin, long white hair and six wings. No mortal beings can challenge their power which outstrips even that of the Empyrean Titans. Seraphim are as physically skilled as their solar offspring, but their command of divine magic vastly outclasses any other being. Seraphim are tremendous sources of divine magic and have the ability to cast any divine or arcane spell at any time.

The seraphim are the most powerful members of the angelic choirs. With the absence of Eo in the active governing of the world, the seraphim act according to their own beliefs.


A seraphim appears to be a powerfully-built humanoid with flawless skin and beautiful features. The would appear very human like aside from their tremendous height. They always have three pairs of wings.


Seraphim do not engage in combat. They were created to be stewards, directing others to accomplish their goals. A seraphim will always send a solar or other servant in their stead.


Seraphim are the only angels with desires. Lesser angels are little more than divine constructs build to serve them. Seraphim have been known to engage in mortal affairs and even direct lesser angels to fraternize with mortals. Each of the six seraphim have common names known to mortals. Each culture have their own names for them. They also have a single true name given to them by the overgod Eo at the time of their creation. This true name is a deeply held secret as those who learn of this true name will have control over the will of the seraphim. True names are how the seraphim controll lesser angels and their other creations. (devils)

Known Seraphim

Ardwahisht port Shahrewar port Cerledriel port Haurvatat port Shenaminar port Vohumar port

The Seraphi and the Cult of the One God

The cult of the One God has a unique relationship with the Seraphim, viewing the angelic beings as closer to Eo than the titans. This heretical belief puts them at odds with most of the Empyrean church. Many divine spellcasters in the cult choose to commune with the seraphim over the titans and commonly use angelic imagery in their art and ritual places. Such members are known within the cult as the Seraphi.