Session 10

The red moon continues to blaze throughout the day like a second sun. The camp works all day to reinforce the forts wall and build a small fortress out of scavenged lumber.

They have lost over half of their men, and now there is more than enough dragonpowder to go around. Their smiths melt down all of the silver found in Shra into a handful of cannon balls and bullets. They dig in and prepare for the night.

A thick fog rolls in and obscures the horizon. Barrelling through the mist are three giant figures.

The rabid bears crash trough the outer wall, axes splintering timber and claws shredding flesh. Rilken spots a man sized rat too late as he ignites a dragonpowder cask. The resulting explosion atomizes the Western corner of the fortress and were-bears begin dragging men from their positions.

A hail of silver bullets and cannon balls send one of the were-bears fleeing into the night. Dael's sharp eyes spot several werewolves eyeing the carnage from the North. She unloads on the wolves but they take cover behind the outer wall. Rilken continues to search for signs of the were-rat and spots him hiding in a tent, preparing another cask of dragonpowder.


The bears, mad with bloodlust, continue to dig through the lightly armoured guards. The wolves then make their move, leaping over the wall and bounding across the camp. 

Dael peppers them with silver arrows but isn't able to bring them down in time. They wet their claws on the Eastern guards, moving down into the bunker where the unarmed workers are hiding.

The party panic and Illiaph makes a deal with the lich Funiku Doboro to give him the tengu hatchlings in exchange for his assitance. He agrees and casually disintegrates a bear and several wolves.

With the bears and wolves finally dead the party relax, until the familiar his is heard next to the bunker. The unarmed workers begin shouting as the were-rat prepares to detonate his bomb on the bunker. Rilken leaps upon the rat, knocking he and the cask to the ground. He is unable to prevent the rat from detonating the cask, but has protected the bunker. The blast instantly kills the rat and severely wounds Rilken. As he lay teetering on the brink of death, his companions limp to his aid, thankful to be alive. Dawn rises and the lich lurches toward them, insisting on his payment...

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