Session 16

Olahorn stands to greet the party as they rush into his camp.

Olahorn Milani

"What was that voice? Umbriviridix? That was its name? What's going on?"

A unpleasant odor hangs in the air. Alistyr can't identify it. The party believe it may be the dragon.

Olahorn's caravan was put to sleep once again by his constant bureaucratic droning and were not watching the lantern light of the scout group.The party hurriedly explain the situation and rush Olahorn and Leigh to cover in the nearby forest.

Meanwhile, Dael investigates the second camp. Splintered wood and loose dirt is all that's left at the sight of the scout caravan. It's no mystery what happened here, and the party head towards Umbriviridix's cavern in an attempt to rescue their scouts.

Illiaph is less than convinced that the scouts are still alive and openly protests. He sends in his imp to verify their demise. The imp creeps through the cavern again and overhears two of the human guards speaking to another.

A threatening conversation and the offer of gold is enough to turn the two caravan guards against Olahorn and spill the secret of his mission. A fact that the dragon takes keen interest in. The party don't want to risk facing a dragon, but know that Olahorn's mission must remain secret. The dragon must die.

The battle with the dragon is fierce. Umbriviridix's claws and breath prove too much for the party and a bargain is offered. Admiring the strength, skill and beauty of Grundta, Dael and Aravyr, he offers to let the party live, if they offer him one of the women willingly.

The party refuse and barely snatch victory out of the gleaming jaws of the immense shadow dragon.

The traitorous guards, flee into the forest, taking all the gold they could carry with them.

In the dragon's private chamber a familiar shape is found picking through the coins and furniture.

Halafas Raeranthur

"Oh my. I suppose I wasn't quite swift enough."

The grey elf quickly pockets something.

Halafas Raeranthur

"It's nice to see you again! If you're going North would you mind if I tag along?"

The party agree to keep a closer eye on the Halafas and let him travel with them. Without the scout caravan, traveling to Illden is going to be twice as risky. It get's worse when Halafas informs them of the raider bands moving South from the town of Skein.

The party's next stop is the dwarven city of Derrohar. Rilken is especially looking forward to their icredible weapon and armour smithing skills.

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