Session 21

The attempt to assassinate the Doppletrog imitating bishop Milani has failed. A string of extremely poor luck seems to follow the party wherever they go. They walk through the darkened streets back to the Walnut Knot. As they discuss their next move within sight of the inn, Alystere falls to one knee, punctured by several well aimed arrows. Rilken yells to the city watch member outside the Knot but he averts his gaze.

More arrows fly from the alleyways on both sides of the street, dealing crippling blows to the party. The copper elf hunters dodge down the alley ways leaving traps that cripple Dael and Illiaph when they are followed. Rilken slays one of the rangers and Shalazar animates the corpse. The undead elf stands to his feet as the flesh melts off his bones. The newly created skeleton helps to corner another copper elf as Alistyre and Rilken kill him, spilling his bag of trophy heads across the alleyway.

The leader of the hunters is cornered in a ceramics shop named the Warbling Cockatrice by Dael and Illiaph. His greatsword nearly cuts Dael down while she tried to convince him of their shared patron. He claims that her head will bring much glory and dies fighting.

His dying words warn the party

Copper Elf Leader

"There will be more hunters. Steel yourselves and fight well. Your heads will bring glory to my kin."


"Kevin" a skeleton created by Shalazar from the body of a copper elf.

Dael explains that Liadon's Order of the Bow considers Brontnal's retribution to be a holy quest. As a follower of Liadon herself, Dael is disturbed by this. Rilken angrily confronts the city watchman. He explains that the city watch is aware of the Order of the Bow's bounty contracts and can not offer immunity to non-citizens.

Shalazar orders Kevin, his new skeleton to drag the copper elf corpses out of the city and dig graves.  Dael and Rilken go along to perform  appropriate rights.

The party get back to the Knot and attempt to rest. They brainstorm ideas on what to do about Parun's coin, Olahorn, Mr. Brontnal and the Order of the Bow. Rilken proposes hiring the drunken wizard to teleport them to Harvastveil to warn the Materan Brootherhood, Alistyre suggests that Illiaph speak with his father Thorben, and Dael believes that they should get Aravar Icewind to safety and have her perform the trade negotiations.

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