Session 23

The party wake from a rough rest. They heal themselves as best they can and move down the mountain. The storm is nearly upon them and they barely stay ahead of it. The party is weary and depressed with the loss of Rilken . Aravyr Icewind is hesitant to go back to Illden and has to be repeatedly talked back into her duties as Olahorn's assistant. In the distance Alistyr thinks he hears a minotaur bellow and remembers how Rilken used to intimidate foes by bellowing as such, the rest of the party stop to listen.

Warrior angel 23 06 12 by lucastorquato27-d5mlyi7

The angelic inquisitor.

A woman's scream is barely perceivable. The party rush over the next hill to find a lavender haired woman being swarmed by grey birds. A plate armored winged woman showers her in arrows and the lavender haired woman goes down. The party rush into the fight. Illiaph focuses his power and banishes the angelic figure back to her home plane. Several of the grey birds fight to the death, reverting to their impish forms.

The lavender haired woman thanks the party, introducing herself as Marcelyina Arcoyris. She explains that due to her non-Empyrean faith, she is being hounded by the Empyrean Inquisitors . The party welcome her into their group and help her down the mountain. Aravyr is very quiet and openly resents Marcelyina's presence, insisting that they shouldn't harbor heretics.

Back at Illden, the party disguise Marcelyina after learning that the Grand Inquisitor Var'izan has recently gone missing. They sit Aravyr down and convince her that she has to convince the town council in place of Olahorn. She eventually agrees and the party form a plan to dispose of Olahorn's impersonator.

Illiaph accepts his fate and agrees to speak with his father. The rest of the party go along, invisible. He is waved into the governors mannor along with dozens of other delegates.


Olahorn's bag of holding is centuries old, and looks it.

Thorben is unconvinced but agrees to help the party get a one on one audience with Olahorn. Thorben takes a seat at a conference table with his son. Olahorn and several charmed guards meet with them. The doppletrog doesn't wait for the trap to be sprung and orderes the guards to attack Illiaph. Thorben remains unmoved in his chair. The fight is bloody. Olahorn's doppletrog is well versed in spellcraft. His conjured tentacles restrain the party as lightning sprays from his fingertips.

Shalazar 's acid arrow finally slays the monster and the party take the bag of holding and the doppletrogs corpse, fleeing into the night.

Thorben bids farewell to his son, somewhat proud at his sons altruistic actions. He leaves claiming that this town's troglodyte infestation makes it a worthless business venture for house Felspark. What Thorben meant and what this means to the negotiations isn't known.

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