Tuck Bucklebough is a powerful enchanter and uses his power to control the actions of others.

Session 27

The party rush back through the forest towards the gnome village. They stop as Dael overhears voices in a clearing ahead.

First Unseen Voice

“The gnomes have the food. That should keep them from casting their vote. We can keep the usurper occupied for as long as he nee-"

Second Unseen Voice

"Wait, the nothics say they are nearby. Earlier than intended draw swords, but do not kill them. They still serve master Funiku."

The party charge into the clearing. Tuck Bucklebough raises his hands to blast them with his corrupt magics but is matched by Shalazars necromancy. Two Hands of Vis charge Illiaph and Dael swinging archaic greatswords. Tuck and his cultists powers overcome the party's will and force them to flee. Tuck takes advantage of this and escapes.

Several minutes later the party find themselves scattered but unharmed. They rush to the gnome village out of concern only to find it empty. An apple barrel and several crates of grain stand in the center of the village clearing and half eaten food lay scattered across the dirt.


"I've got a bad feeling about this..."

Dael moves to inspect the barrel only to find a desiccated and broken corpse underneath the apples. Out of a small storeroom emerges the old gnome Wilmop Stumbleduck. Dael recognizes the stench of undead imidiately and discharges her cavalir pistol into it. The bullet glances his skull and he charges at the party groaning and hissing, followed by a dozen other gnomes from hidden places around the village. They are joined by several more who rush out of the forest towards the alarmed party.

Illiaph and Shalazar scramble up a tree while Alistyre and Marcelinya are overwhelmed by the ghasts. Dael manages to reload and keep ahead of the stumbling ghasts. Alistyre and Marcelinya are repeatedly bitten and begin to violently bleed from the wound only moments later. Marcy manages to treat Alistyre. Dael scrambles up the tree with Illiaph and Shalazar, taking shots at the swarming undead below. Shalazars magic backfires and he instantly swaps places with a ghast, putting himself on the ground among the swarm and placing a snapping ghoul in Illiaphs lap.

Marcalinya's repeated turn attempts have little effect on the screaming gnomes but manage to create an opening and allow her and Alistyre to flee.

Illiaph manages to blast the ghast in the tree, causing it to plummet to its death. The remaining ghasts flee into the woods as the party escapes into the canopy.

The party lose sight of the plague ghasts and attempt to treat Alistyre and Marceliyna. They are unable to cure them, but manage to treat the violent bleeding.

They can't risk the seven surviving ghasts escaping into the world. Will they hunt them down or warn Illden of this danger?

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