Session 32

The drunken wizards wild magic teleportation is successful, transporting them back to the scriptorium. The joy is short lived however as the entire temple rumbles. Alistyre's knowlege of stonework sends a cold shiver down his spine.


This whole place must be built over a massive sink hole! If we don't get out of here, we're going to end up in the umbreal plane along with the temple!

Meanwhile, Illiaph approaches Halafas with noted hostility, demanding the scroll. Halafas initially denies him, stating that time is a factor and he'll see it when they're out. Illiaph insists, raising his hands and threatening the wounded elf. Halafas submits and hands over the quivering bundle.

The party sprint for the exit, but Thozmolim and Tuck are waiting along with several members of the Cult of Scro and the Hand and Eye. Without further need for words they jump into combat. Battle rages, as the temple shudders and sinks. Shadow pool water rushes through the hallway trapping the party between it and the cultists. Dael is critically wounded by Tuck's knives and Alistyre polymorphs her into a massive reptile. She makes short work of the surprised halfling and he and Thozmolim narrowly escape and flee up the stairs as their allies fight to the death. Halafas is again, brought to his knees, along with Marceliyna and Shalazar. The rest of the team drag them to their feet and flee up the stars as the temple is flooded by the dark liquid.

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