Basic Information
Aliases Shalazar the Infernal

Shalazar the Wizard

Home Traveler
Former home(s) Dan's Rest
Gender Male
Race Tiefling
Class Wizard


Date of birth 85 V
Date of death We'll see...
Age 27
Level 7
Alignment Lawful Good
Favorite item Unknown

Hailing from Redguard, the awkward tiefling wizard gave himself the name Shalazar after finding a big pointy hat with moons and stars on it. After following a Danasian woman to Dan's rest he met London Bucklebough, who helped Shalazar heal a broken and weary heart left by a love that could not be. From there, they would meet occasionally to trade secrets and stories or just to share a drink. London made multiple mentions of his travels to Narrock, Thessan and Morat Ras, but often stated that only a fool, a kenku or both would travel anywhere near the islands of Jilin off the Danasian coast.

Shalazar has mastered the arts of manipulating life and death, analyzing and animating the body. But the only part of a man that you can't truly bring back to life is the heart.

Shalazar has a severe fear of bees, probably stemming from years of apprentice wizard duels with a man who's specialty was a unique "Bee Breath" spell.

Shalazar dresses for warm weather, wearing little more than a robe and a pair of briefs. His clothing was custom ordered to match his hat and is made out of top quality Danasian silk. Top quality.

Despite his focus on necromancy, Shalazar find the use of such spells in combat to be distasteful and often relies solely on splashing various degrees of caustic acid into the faces of his enemies.


Shalazar's Necklace of Fireballs

EXP Total