Basic Information
Aliases Sin Silverfrond
Home Oakroot
Former home(s) Carrefour
Gender Male
Race Silver Elf
Class Wizard, Abjurer
Patron Valothwen


Date of birth Unknown
Date of death Unknown
Age Unknown
Level Unknown
Alignment Lawful Neutral
Favorite item Unknown
Sinfarel Liadon was a silver elf and veteran of the first Moon War. Upon learning of Valotha's alliance with Horcos Karun, Sinfarel turned traitor and sided with the rest of the elven nations against his own kin, driving them out of the silver reach.

He and his young son, Evindal were offered a home with the grey elves of The Mith'Taern, but Sinfarel knew that the rest of his kin, now calling themselves drow, would hunt him down for his betrayal. Using his impressive abjuration magics, he managed to hide himself and Evindal for many centuries in a small copper elf village named Oakroot. As age and sorrow at the loss of his son began to overtake him, his magics failed and the drow overtook the village, sacrificing him, his daughter-in-law and one of his grandsons to Valotha, the drow queen he had betrayed nearly 1000 years in the past.