The Staff of Endless Power, also known as the Shards of Laeredra was originally one of many Staves of Power created in the second age to serve the followers of the Elven Archmage Laeredra Loreseeker during the first Moon War. Unlike all of the others, this staff survived its own Retributive Strike and not only maintained a great deal of its power within each of the eight separate pieces, but grew ever more powerful with each subsequent retributive strike, sending the pieces to random points in multiple planes. Laeredra spent the remainder of her life attempting to collect all the pieces and recreate the unique property of the artifact.

Each piece brims with enough power to imbue other items with magical effects. Notably, the gem formed the magical base for the Holy Avenger before it was removed and the sword was rendered mundane.

In the final years of the fourth age, dark elf cultists nearly gathered all of the pieces of the staff, being thwarted in part by the Unsung Heroes, Eilara Shay and Pahlin Holt.