Late in the fouth age, a Grey Elf named Taenaran founded the Still-Mind Asylum, an institution dedicated to serving the needs of the mentally ill and those broken by exposure to the horrors of the Abyss. A central feature of the city of Ulferveil, the asylum soon renowned throughout the region for its innovative treatments of addiction, insanity and other mental disorders, the institution’s reputation continued to spread. Over the course of the first century, the asylum enjoyed great success and boasted a very high percentage of rehabilitated patients. However, the overwhelming task of administering the asylum became too great for Minister Taenaran to handle alone. In order to lessen his burden, Minister Taenaran hired a young and ambitious priest named Heraldrus to serve as his assistant. Years later, Heraldrus was named Minister of the Asylum and Taenaran retreated from public life, communicating through letters only. Still-Mind Asylum’s reputation rapidly decreased as unsettling rumors of macabre and barbaric practices spread throughout the community. Minister Taenaran wrote a series of impassioned letters to the Lords of Ulfer that allowed the institution to survive, despite its tarnished reputation and crumbling facade. Now, the asylum serves as the last refuge for the duchy’s most dangerous criminals and substance addicts. While Minister Heraldrus oversees the asylum’s operation, Minister Taenaran remains elusive.