The Guaiwog orcs of Danasia are not craftsmen. Bred in ancient times from Black Orc stock, they differ from their ancestors through their teamwork, cooperation, and lack of cannibalism. To a Guaiwog, breeding serves the purpose of creating new soldiers and they care very little who or what they breed with. Half Orcs born from Guaiwog and Danasian pairings were usually quite passive and rarely served as soldiers in their armies, more commonly specializing in crafting.

The Surai Clan of half-orc craftsmen served the armies of Danasia for centuries. In modern days, the Surai have taken a more peaceful path, moving away the weapon and seigecraft of their ancestors and focusing more on the finer arts. The Surai clan are most famous in the 5th age, for their culinary skills. It is said that a Surai Clan chief could serve otyugh and you'd eat it with a smile. Due to their focus on the culinary arts, may Guaiwog become quite obese.

In earlier ages, Surai clan chefs were taken as slaves by other chieftains emperors and kings. Many spent their lives cooking for others, replacing the joy in their meals with anger and spite. The best chefs, though, are able to create wonders and horrors from all places. Despite the ingredients being carefully watched, some chefs were able to secretly ferment milkweed seeds, and when mixed with juices from a swan's liver and a few other commonplace cooking ingredients, it created a mild poison. After kings and emperors alike begin to fall, the Surai were taken no longer, and hence the saying "If a Surai wishes you harm, do not waiver to hunger."