Basic Information
Aliases God of Storms, The Wandering Giant
Pantheon Empyrean
Home Limbo
Former home(s) Kolzamar
Gender Male
Race Empyrean Titan
Class Druid
Portfolio Storms, Earthquakes, The Sea
Primary Cleric Domain Tempest
Secondary Cleric Domains Darkness, Sea
Holy symbol Pair of lightning bolts
Date of birth Unknown
Date of accension Unknown
Date of death Unknown

Level Unknown
Alignment Neutral Evil
Favorite item Unknown
Taotatun is a mysterious deity. His background in lost to the nature of the plane of Limbo. The other Empyrean gods speak very little of Taotatun, but legend states that he was once a great champion among the titans and still holds influence over the sea and storms.

He is a fickle and easily angered titan. He endlessly wanders limbo, fighting against the apathetic nature of the plane and struggling to remember himself. His brief moments of clarity offer some insight into the titan of the seas that he once was.

The Empyrean Church recognize his importance as the god of destruction in the beloved absence of Lyttan. His priests balance Mataeran's creation with violent destruction, but are generally in agreement that creation and destruction must take turns. They often work with coastal communities or the Harvest Brotherhood to provide adequate rainfall for crops as well as plenty of thunder and lightning.


Cleric Domains

TempestDom DarknessDom SeaDom