Tarburst Seeds are a gum-like seed named as such due to the high rates of suffocation and death that occur with their long term use. Tarburst seeds are a primary ingredient for the creation of Tanglefoot Bags. The seeds are also commonly chewed by humanoids, and on their own, they are a mild hallucinogen. They can also be used to create more potent drugs. They are generally not very addictive compared to other substances unless chronically used. Once addicted however, the seeds will have a starkly diminishing effect and users often begin drinking poisonous tarburst distillations, or attempting to chew large numbers of the gum-like seeds, often suffocating to death or suffering severe brain damage as a result.

Tarburst seeds are often pounded into a paste and infused with small amounts of other drugs such as cynnas or devil weed to offer a milder high.