Tengu resemble humanoid ravens, very similar to Aarakocra. They possess a close connection to the Umbrial plane and regularly traveled to this dark dimension. Many scholars think that the Tengu are an offspring race of Aarakocra, effected by the native energies of the Umbrial plane. The average specimen stands about five feet tall and has a wingspan of twenty feet. Their powerful legs end in four sharp talons that can unlock and fold back to reveal another pair of functional hands. These humanoids have hollow, fragile bones. They have gray-black beaks and black or yellow eyes. Plumage color is nearly always jet black.

The Tengu are native to the dark island continent Narrock where they oppress local races and worshiped dark deities from the spired city of Shra.

By the end of the Age of Dragons the Tengu were no more. Their legacy lived on in the Vashar, who took many Tengu slaves and after centuries of slavery, the survivors became a pitiful, broken race known as the Kenku. The Vashar appropriated much of their culture from the crumbling empire.

Reports of individual tengu living in isolated mountains in Danasia and South-Eastern Findle are still commonplace, but are often though of as just stories to scare children.

Like the Aarakocra, Tengu are extremely claustrophobic and will generally not willingly enter a cave, building, or other enclosed area.

Tengu were masterful metalworkers and swordsmen. They couldn't mine minerals themselves, instead enslaving humanoids or purchasing whatever they needed. They generally reserved what little metal their island continent held for use in their weapons and religious ceremonies.