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Harvastveil built around the ruins of an ancient temple of Materan in the Westwood of Helmstadt

The Free Towns and Helmstadt Valley are a geographical location North of Findle and East of Redguard in Thessan. Various small towns have banded together to form a loose confederacy called the Free Towns.

The Helmstadt valley lay beneith the twin mountains of Kolzamar and Kazolmor. This region is heavily forested and had been occupied at various times by dwarves, gnomes, humans, copper elves and gnolls.

A home in the woods by isdira-d53plvp

A gnomish home outside of Illden.

Helmstadt valley is home to a large number of gnomes living in scattered, well hidden communities in the forests and mountain passes. Gnolls controll most of the lowlands 

and occupy the town of Houndsheim.

The free towns used to include Greenville and New Illden, which were incorporated into the Kingdom of Findle in the fourth age.

Free Towns.

  • Hillborough - The largest town of gnomes in Helmstadt
  • Houndsheim - Ruined town from the second age, currently occupied by gnolls
  • Vestoras - Town on the Eastern edge of Morat Ras in the No Road forest
  • Greenville - A quiet town nestled between the hills of Yod and Green Lake. Birthplace of King Pahlin Holt of Findle.
  • Skein - Small town on the edge of Stone Lake.
  • Illden - Largest city in the Free Towns region.
  • Torsheim - Large town of dwarves in Helmstadt. One of the only surviving settlements from before the scattering.
  • Harvastveil - Home of the Harvest Brotherhood. Built upon an ancient Danu temple from the Second Age.