The banner of the Harvest Brotherhood is also the banner of the city of Harvestveil. Within the banner, you can see the tree of Materan as well as the Seed of Profit

The Harvest Brotherhood are an extremely secretive order within the Empyrean Church. Known outwardly as farmers, bankers and bureaucrats, the Brotherhood controls food production and storage across Findle, Thessan and Morat Ras. The brotherhood provides support to farmers and ranchers in exchange for donations and has close ties to the Stormlords who provide adequate rainfall in times of drought. They are generally priests of Materan but do also count druids, bankers, bureaucrats and farmers among their ranks.

The Brotherhood headquarter themselves within the Temple of Materan in Harvestveil.

Banking and Coinage


Sample of Findelian coinage. The style has changed little in the past several centuries.

The Harvest Brotherhood are responsible for a large portion of banking in Findle. They run the banks of the Empyrean Church and work with businesses and farms to maintain a production. They are also responsible for minting coinage in Findle. Coins minted by the Harvest Brotherhood are all stamped with the Seed of Profit, also known as the Eye of the Brotherhood and include the following denominations.

Copper Stag - Small copper coins are the base of common trade in most kingdoms.

Silver Lion - Silver lions are generally reserved for use by merchants and nobility. Common folk rarely seen silver

Gold Dragon - Gold coins are ubiquitus to adventuring and nobility, but almost never seen by common people.

Platinum Star - Platinum is the most valuable metal. These coins are used to trade between kingdoms.

Notable Members

Olahorn Milani