The Infinite Suns was a fiendish army ruled by the Rakshasa lord Ravana and headquartered in realm of fire in the Elemental Plane. The army was made up of the descendants of the Rakshasa lords native to the lands of smoke and flame. These lesser Rakshasa's and fiend-blooded humans bid their time for centuries, waiting for the time when their master, Ravana would return, bring them back to the Prime Plane and lead them into glorious war once again.

The Rakshasa empire once stretched across much of Danasia, ruling from the Spire of Endless Day. In ages past, their battle with a great hero left a massive scar in the land, known to this day as the Great Gash. Arcane fire flows from the Great Gash to this day, fueling the stories of the return of the Infinite Legion.

Members of the Legion are nearly always rakshasa-blooded tieflings and tend to dress in elaborate and expensive looking (although relatively inferior) clothing and armor. Their weapons and breastplates are colored gold and they dress in very fine, though dated, silk robes.

Surprisingly, solders of the Legion readily die in combat, never alowing themselves to be taken prisoner. They seemingly have no fear of death whatsoever. Rakshasa's and those with rakshasa blood can not truly die in the Prime Plane. When they fall in combat, they are reincarnated in the Elemental Plane. The only true way to kill a rakshasa is to destroy them in their native plane.