The Ma Shihun or "Mother Soul Eater" is a mythical demon and progenitor of the Jiangshi. The Ma Shihun emerged from the abyss during the third age, summoned by Danasian warlocks as a last ditch effort to subdue the invading Crûsgar dwarves. The demon consumes the dead, storing bodies in pouches on its back. Once the body is ready, it is released as a jiangshi, a creature similar to a vampire. The jiangshi have limited lifespans, only able to survive more than a few days by drinking the Chi energy from a living creature. Legend says that the Ma Shihun is a being of pure chi energy and can not be killed so long as its jiangshi are feeding.

Eventually, the Ma Shihun was imprisoned in the 6 Demon Bag. Stories of the savage Ma Shihun and her Jiangshi have been passed down for generations. Many believe them to be works of fiction and their common representation differs greatly from their actual form.


The Ma Shinjun is a common character in plays and children's stories.