The Naming ritual arose soon after the Silver Intervention, created by the Danasians to honor the original twenty clans as well as promote the unity of the new nation. It is a ritual that persisted throughout the ages, despite the great many conflicts and divisions that plagued the nation since.

Major Human Clans

Ban1 Bo1 Chi1 Dan1 Do1 Go1 Han1 Jin1 Jo1 Kim1 Lo1 Man1 Ong1 Tan1 Tang1 Wan1 Wang1 Wei1 Wi1 Zhin

The Ritual

After each child is born, they are given tri-syllabic names. The first syllable is a personal name and can be unique or, occasionally, randomly chosen from one of the twenty major clans, as tribute to the inclusion of all clans in one nation. The second, they derive from their father's source clan. The third from their mother's.


Father: Kilowan Mother: Suchihan Father: Kaidokim Mother: Xanbanbo
Son: Jolochi Daughter: Weidoban
Child: Shilodo

In this way, a Danasian is always aware of his source clan, through his father's line.


Any Danasian that has shamed his nation and banished is stripped of his first name, a sign that he has been removed from his main family line. Being left with only his second and third name signifies that truly, all he has left in this world is his mother's love and himself. Few have faced such banishment, the most notorious of which is Stankim.