Stalwart Emblem
The Stalwart Order of the Shining Blade was a powerful knightly order founded in the third age. The order consisted primarily of humans dedicated to Nuadun and the destruction of the servants of Azogun .

In the fourth age, the Shining Blades were unwitting servants of the silver dragon Narcelleglar. Their master, Governor Toldir Shay was at the time, the Xorvental exarch of the dragon and fought a doomed rebellion against his own father, the steward Arundel Shay and the abolishment of the old kingdoms law. This battle was the last true conflict of Xorvental and ended with the death of Tolfdir and the disbanding of the Shining Blades.

The order was famously wealthy and it is said that Arundel Shay did not manage to obtain the entire treasure of the blades. Rumour has it that several knights managed to steal away a massive portion of the wealth of the Stalwart Order.

Many of the surviving members then founded a new order, following the teachings of the former Master of the Order, St. Reluse the Tenacious .

At the onset of the fifth age, Narcelleglar re-founded the order of the Shining Blades in Greenville in service of the reformed Theocratic Monarchy of Findle.