The Prairie Dog's brand."From the wealthy, we build."

The Prairie Dogs were a small group of highwaymen who operated in the 3rd Age. They were prominent rivals of Viper's Gang and were eventually killed by their rivals. The only surviving member of the Prairie Dogs was Jodando Legault. The Prairie Dogs preferred to charge "tolls" on roads or extort merchants, but were vehemently against killing or taking too much in one go, which would reduce the number of merchants and increase the number of guards along the road.


The Prairie Dogs were known to base themselves in hidden warrens along well traveled roads. They used these burrows to store supplies and to hide stolen goods. After the fall of the guild, all records of the locations of these burrows disappeared. Nobody knows how many of these hidden treasure troves exist along the Eastern roads of Findle.

Prairie Dog Barrel

The Prairie Dogs often branded their supplies to mark what will be stored and what will be fenced.

The Prairie Dogs vs Viper's Gang

The Prairie Dogs had a blood rivalry with a group of assassins and thieves calling themselves Viper's Gang. The gang would often kill or severely maim merchants, stealing all of their goods and reducing travel along the roads. Viper's Gang would often lay traps for the Prairie Dogs, capturing them and torturing them for information on the location of their burrows. Eventually they had captured and killed all of the Prarie Dogs except one, Jodando Legault, who was saved at the last moment by Saint Geshran.