Blade Knight emblem
The Reborn Order of the Shining Blades

The Shining Blades of the fifth age are the spiritual successor to the old order in Tus. The old order was dissolved following the failed Tus rebellion. When the order was re-created at the start of the fifth age, much of the Pious Order in Findle joined the Shining Blades with the charge of protecting the royal bloodline of King Holt. The Shining Blades are adamant in their charge to defend royal lineages and prevent the loss of the monarchy again.

The knighthood are not a direct branch of the military and do not take orders from the King. They provide their service at the behest of the Drakeson Family. Their colors reflect the city of their founding, Greenville, but the emblem shares many similarities to the emblem of the lost House Halyron of Thessan. This serves as a reminder of the tragedy of a lost royal bloodline.

Shining Blade