You find the following missive freshly pinned to the Contracts and Inquiries Board at several taverns in the Hulese port city of Mahale:

Hail, adventurers of Hul and beyond! I, Anandthi, Musitu-baga Matriarch of Ngono, call upon you to undertake a mission of great daring through the mighty Sunsir Desert. The fruit of the jungle, black baga lumber, is the primary trade good and lifeblood of our village and for the first time in many years we do not have enough rangers to spare for a full transport to the Quisiri city of Tabradan. Heroes of grit, strength, and sagacity will be richly rewarded by Ngono's arcane weaponsmiths, as it is our custom to reward hard work with fine tools for the worker's trade.

The road to Tabradan is well marked and long traveled by our people, despite what rumors you may have heard. A group of seasoned adventurers should find it as easy task to accomplish within 16 days of travel to the Sunnuth city. Payment shall be rendered upon the party's return with an equal proportion of spices and silks for the lumber, one of our own will accompany you to oversee the details of the exchange. Make haste, brave warriors, to Ngono-before-Musitu and ask for Anandthi. You are expected.


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