The Tarnishing, otherwise known as the Sundering of the Ældon was the name of the decline of the Silver Elves. Following the landing of the original twenty three Elven survivors of the first War of Wings, the elves formed small communities throughout the primordial forests known as the Silver Reach. Initially charged with defending the borders of the Silver Reach, the haughty and militaristic Cele'Ældon were viewed more and more, not as protectors of the borders, but jailers, growing hostile to their own kin as time went on. Their control of the Silver Reach borders led them into conflicts with Copper and Gold Elves, as well as the hordes of Goblin-kin living in the craggy hills to the East.

The elders of the elven peoples came together to release the Silver Elves of their sacred charge, but when they refused to accept the elders command, war broke out between the various factions. Over time, the Silver Elves grew wicked and war-like. The united armies of Copper and Gold elves eventually defeated the Silver Elves, enacting the Shayri curse, striping them of their names and banishing them from the Silver reach. The newly banished survivors took refuge in the world caverns. The bizarre energies of the world cavern effected them in an unusual way, similar to the cursed elves of the ancient tales. The banished ones empathized with the drow of the ancient tales and, furious at their defeat by their kin, embraced the stories and christened themselves as Drow'Ældon, promising not to rest until they have their revenge and overtake their surface kin.

Silver elf drow