The Twenty Three Seeds is a tale passed down by Ældon Sages recounting the original survivors of the first War of Wings and the founding of the Ældon tribes. The genealogy of the entire elven people of Ord can be traced to these 23 survivors and the hardships they faced surviving in the hostile pre-historic continent. This tale is immortalized in Yarethan's 29880 verses of "Sons of the Starts, a History of the Ældon."

"There’s an art

to everything. How

the seeds bring

life and a joyousness like

that of song until at last

it ends. A timeless and old

set of silver arrows that

once passed through the stars,

peerlessly...They’re the same

wildness they’ve always

been, slashing through briars,

the blackness

of their invasive

kind. So he said,

in a dream. But

the rest of us—all the rest—

were flying: more often

than not, to the next

battlefield. Two bare-toothed

wolves, each mirroring

the other, crude hoisting

forever upward the banner of

orcish-craft, hand-to-hand

unwavering. Don’t

forget it, don’t forget

United, they said: We are

frightened and cold. We said:

Prey no more. There’s an art

to everything. What we’ve

done with this war,

what we’d meant not to do,

or could have meant, maybe, had they

understood, there is no

going back. No one is looking

and no one will find us. lost

the ships and crew. Lost all but twenty three.

The ghost, our lords, with us,

the branches whose

every shadow is memory,

futility...As he said to me

once, That’s separate

down the river, now. Turning,

but as the utterly lost—

because old curses—do:

repeat all over again. It

only seemed, it—

It must only look

like leaving. There’s an art

to everything. Even

turning away. How

eventually even hunger

can become a fight

between friends. How they made

out of suffering something

beautiful, for as long as they could."

- Verses 467-478 from "Sons of the Starts" by Yarethan the artist, recounting the speech by Captain Raerdal Goldenperch and the initial arguments of the 23 elven survivors of the War of Wings.

The geneology of the elven people can be traced to these 23 survivors

  • Captain Raerndal Goldenperch
  • Yarethan the Artist
  • Aronran Autumnfall
  • Paralas the Pale
  • Lanawar Silversong
  • Valothwen (Valotha The Venomous)
  • Caunwaion Copperwood
  • Alyaenfil Copperwood
  • Rainmaiwen Faeriefriend
  • Aranon Riversong
  • Alaesti Firebearer
  • Locien Greendreamer
  • Talthanon the Hunter
  • Faelathon Mithrileye
  • Laeredra Loreseeker
  • Ealoron Silverfrond
  • Lorendil the Hermittess
  • Olari Manteacher
  • Felendril Starriver
  • Anlaval the Wanderer
  • Selodai the Maimed
  • Haralvan Witchfriend
  • Celoden Soothinglight